Detonatorska kapisla DK - 6 - Al, DK - 8 - Al, DK - 8 - Cu

- mining of dry surface and underground workplaces, by which it comes to full detonation of several explosive charges, meaning the full explosive effect.
Transport information: UN 0029, Detonating cap for blasting, 1.1B


- in dry, well ventilated storehouses on temperature from - 25 to 40 oC

Type of DK Material of shell Diameter of shell

Length of shell

DK-6 Al 7.2 35
DK-8 Al 7.2 40
DK-8 Cu 7.2 42
type of test DK-6 DK-8
piercing of lead plate plate 40x40x4mm,

min. perforation 7mm
plate 40x40x5mm,
min. perforation 7mm
test by Traucl wideness of perforation of

roller min. 15cm3
wideness of perforation of
roller min. 25cm3
test by Heid full detonation of explosive body 70% TNT & 30% talk ull detonation of explosive body 60% TNT & 40% talk

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