Visit of the delegation of JP Autoceste FBiH and contractors on the construction of the corridor Vc

Yesterday, on November 17, we had the honor of hosting our friends from The Public Company of the Motorways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (JP Autoceste FBiH), led by director Elmedin Voloder, who made it possible for the contractors who are currently working on the construction of the Corridor Vc to gather in one place. On this occasion, we would like to express our special thanks to Mr. Elmedin Voloder, who recognized the need for domestic manufacturers to be put in focus of infrastructure projects, specifically motorway constructions, and gave us the opportunity to present our company and possibilities regarding initial funds, commercial explosives as well as expertise that can help contractors perform their tasks more efficiently and productively.

We would also like to thank all the representatives of the companies EURO-ASFALT, AZVIRT, CENGİZ İNŞAAT and HGG İNŞAAT for their devoted time and attendance as well as for the constructive discussions during the visit.