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BIHNEL Shock Tube

BIHNEL Shock tube is a three layer plastic tube that includes reactive explosive. It allows requested lenght of BIHNEL Nonelectric detonator's shock tube to produced. It is used to fire the BIHNEL Nonelelectric ignition system instead of the ignition cable. As in electrical detonators, it is not adversely affected by environmental impacts such as electrical mediums and weather conditions. It provides high level safety in working environments.

Usage areas:
- in all underground mining and open pit mining such as dams, mines and quarries, road construction.
- the environment which does not contain firedamp and other dangerous gases in.
- use in all blasting operations in case of the static electricity and bad weather problems.

- the tubes are flexible, high tensile strength and resistance against abrasion.
- the connection is fast and simple.
- UV-protected, resistant to chemical agents.
- increases safety and reduces the risk from electrical currents in the field. It's not affected by static electricity.
- it can be used in any weather conditions.
Transport information: UN 0500, detonator assemblies, non - electric, for blasting, 1.4 S

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It must be protected and transported in appropriate storage areas that dry well ventilated, without exposure to direct sunlight.