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The company has carried out an external certification procedure according to the Directive 93/15 / EC for the following products: DK-8, TED, TMED, 30-MSED, 30-MMSED, PSED, BIHNEL tubes, BIHNEL MS, BIHNEL LP and BIHNEL UNIDET non-electric detonator connector BIHNEL SL and BIHNEL DUAL nonelectric system for CE mark.
In order to maintain and preserve the quality of products, it is constantly working to improve existing and conquer new technologies. Policy quality with environmental management system policies have become an integral part of strategic policy. Company Pobeda-Rudet d.d. Gorazde has introduced and adopted the international standards BAS EN ISO 9001: 2015, BAS EN ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018.
Pobjeda-Rudet d.d. Goražde is a company with well-known industrial tradition in the production of ignition agents for civil use.


Pobjeda-Rudet d.d. produces electric detonators which are specially designed to provide the precise control necessary to produce accurateand consistent blasting results.
Pobjeda-Rudet d.d. produces non-electric detonators for surface blasting, tunnel underground blasting and constructionsites where the risk of ignition of the explosive air-methane or air-coal dust mixturesdoes not exist.
This type of connectors is used for mining with detonating cord, when delay time between detonations of single mining charges is required; by which shakes during explosions are decreased

Quarter Second Aluminum Electrical Detonators are used for firing explosives at desired intervals and sequence, to decrease the vibration and to increase the yield of the blasting in the tunneling, especially.
The stage is the development of a new production line which will be soon in production...

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