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Millisecond Methane Safe Copper Electric Detonators are produced with copper shell for using in mining activities which are hazardous and have risk of fire or firedamp (gas, dust, methane). The design of the detonator is fully protected from sparkling; the charge is chosen so that doesn't fire at all the mixture methane - air. They are used only with approved methane - safe explosive. The delay interval is chosen so that under the influence of strong resonant effect accomplish a good breakage of material and maximal usage of the power of explosive.

Delay range: 1-18 (30, 34 ms intervals).


Digression from nominal delay: for 30 MMSED - Cu is ±13,5ms & for 34 MMSED - Cu is ±15,3ms.
Cable length: On customer demand
Cable: Coated with PVC, Copper or Iron/Tin
Shell: Copper 99%
Transport information: UN 0255, Detonators, Electric for blasting, 1.4B

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It must be protected and transported in appropriate storage areas that dry well ventilated, without exposure to direct sunlight.